Sunday, January 16, 2011

famous personalities of Uttaranchal

Gaura Pant ‘Shivani’

Gaura Pant (Shivani) holds a prominent place amongst the women writers of Uttarakhand. She was born on 17th October, 1923 in Rajkot, Gujarat to a Kumouni family. After her early education in Almora she was sent to Allahabad for higher education, and then she went to Shantiniketan where she had the fortune of academic enrichment under the tutelage of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. Right from her childhood she had a flair for writing. Embedded in the folk culture of Kumaon she conveyed the yearning if common man and woman in and their inter-relationship in her writings. In 1935, Shivani’s first story was published in the Hindi Children’s magazine ‘Natkhat’, at age twelve. She wrote 30 novels, 13 short story collections and 8 volumes of memoir. Among her well known works are Vish Kanya, Kainza, Chaudah Phere and Bhairavi.
In recognition of her contribution to Hindi literature she was given several awards and honours including Bhartendu Harishchandra Samman (1979); Padmashri (1981); Mahadevi Verma Samman (1994); Subramannyam Samman (1995) and Hindi Sewa Nidhi Rashtriya Puruskar (1997). She died in March 2003 in Lucknow.

Girish Tiwari ‘Girda’

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